King of rock: Stefan Ludik

Rocker Stefan Ludik

Stefan in Egoli
Singer and actor Stefan Ludik is more than just the guy from Big Brother and Egoli. The Beat caught up with him to talk about chewing gum, bikes, music and his new look.

Stefan, how the devil are you? I am great thanks! Always good!
What did you do prior to start answering the questions? I was in the studio recording some material that we want to place with a Namibian company. I have just got back from gym.
Where do you live now? Namibia full time, or Johannesburg? My home now is in Johannesburg but I travel to Namibia often to do gigs there. Air Namibia is a sponsor of mine so jumping on a plane is no problem for me and I enjoy visiting family and friends up there. I am also going up there in June with my tour van - although it is a long drive, I enjoy the road trip.
Your new CD, Burn This Town, is quite different from your previous two releases. How did that happen? This is my first English album. I decided to try something completely different and the music from this was largely inspired and recorded for my following in many African countries post me being in Big Brother Africa. It is a way of bridging a racial gap. They see me as a "brother" and have received the music very well.
Can you please explain the title of the CD? "Burn this town" is just my victory song and how I'm figuratively going to "burn" down the place with my music and the light I shine.
With whom did you collaborate on the CD, and why them? I collaborated with Namibian artists Gazza and Gal Level because I want to promote our country and talent. I also collaborated with a SA fastest rapper, F.A.B. because he's such an amazing artist and a good friend as well.
Your songs Please and Lost In You are doing very well on the charts, congratulations. How does it feel when you hard work pays off? To be play listed is really such a positive feeling and an affirmation that the public and radio believes in your product. It gives one the confidence to go out there and put together bigger and better things and adds confidence to my creativity.
Do you perform under your own name or as the Stefan Ludik band? The outfit is called LUDIK. We did this to differentiate my current work from my Afrikaans work and this is how we are going to be positioned in the English market.
Who are the members of your band? On the album I collaborated with various artists I know. At the moment I am working with a number of session musicians for my live shows but we are in talks with some seriously good talent to put together a more permanent act.
You recently took part in a road trip to Margate as part of the Africa Bike Week 2011. What was it like and tell us more about the event? WOW! It was great! I seriously didn't know how my show would be received but afterwards many bikers themselves came to me and said how much they enjoyed the show. That was quite a compliment! One lady bought 6 copies of my CD!
You changed your hair colour, any reason for that? People are used to how I looked in Egoli, 7de Laan and on my Afrikaans albums. So I decided to go for a complete change and go for a more "rock star" look with my hair. I have had mixed comments - some love it, others hate it - probably because they still need to get used to it. I like it though and that's what counts!
Stefan, you became a household name on TV before branching out into music. Would you ever consider going back to TV or is music now your only and main priority? Absolutely. In fact I have just been cast for an upcoming TV series - more to be announced when the deal is signed and sealed. I never quit TV for music - I am passionate about both acting and singing and will be back on the screens during this year! 
What does the rest of 2011 hold for you? I am planning a tour to promote Burn This Town. I am also going to be shooting the TV show in June. I am planning a reality show and a CSI-type show. We are in final discussions at the moment with production companies and sponsors. I am also planning on shooting a music video for Black Girl, White Boy.
Who is your favourite local artist you’re listening to at the moment? Gerald Clark
What don’t people know about you? I am addicted to Airwaves!
There are quite a list of international acts on their way to South Africa in the next few months. Anyone in particular that got you excited that you want to see? Coldplay are great and I will be seeing them too. I was fortunate enough to support Bryan Adams and UB40 in Namibia and I really respect and have learn't a lot from their teams in terms of protocol, sound etc.
Finally, a message for the fans? Thanks for your continued support. Buy my CD - you won't be disappointed and I hope to see you at a gig soon! Also, I will be back on your living room screens before you know it!