Taxi Violence - Stripped Down

Taxi Violence by Deborah Rossouw
May will see the release of Taxi Violence’s first unplugged album, or at least, the closest thing to ‘unplugged’ as Taxi Violence will ever get, Long Way From Home.All the tracks on the album are reworked versions of songs from Untie Yourself and The Turn, except for three new tracks. The tracks were re-arranged and stripped-down to fit into a more acoustic, unplugged format.
The Taxi Violence low-down on the album:
Devil 'n Pistol – “We wanted to capture the feel that we got in that video on vinyl. That raw-dodgy-hotel-bar feel, where random musicians pull together and play some songs. This version is arranged in that way, giving it a more organic sound.”
Venus Fly Trap – “This one is so completely different from the original, it’s not even in the same key. This is a song with huge drums, slide guitar and a wicked harmonica played by Lonesome Dave Ferguson. It just keeps rolling on, this one.”
It Must Be (working title) – “One of the new tracks. It was especially written for our acoustic set. Your typical blues song with a Taxi twist. Originally, it was about an unsuccessful gambling binge in Vegas, but George has written new and more thought provoking lyrics for it.”
Waking Up – “An oldie that we've stripped down to the bare minimum.  Only voices, guitar and a cello. That's it.”
Heads or Tails – “This will most probably be the first single from the album. It’s hard to compare this version with the original…it’s got a different melody, different guitar parts, different beat…only the lyrics are the same. So it’s 75% modern, 25% vintage.”
Between The Heavens And The Deep Blue Sea (working title) – “A brand new one written by Jason Ling. He actually plays acoustic guitars on this track. It's also quite a strong single with a cool Robert Plant vibe to it.”
Long Way From Home – “Another brand new one and pinned as the second single. This will probably also be the title track to the album, as we've planned our entire marketing campaign around the main character in the music video. Be on the lookout for Mr Furry Head.”
Untie Yourself – “Completely stripped down to voices, piano and a cello. This song will only be recognisable by the lyrics.  A beautiful vocal-driven piece of music. Ling practiced his piano pieces for about two weeks in the studio. We started calling him The Chinese Tchaikovsky. The running joke is that it's George's ode to "Angels" by Robbie Williams.”
The Turn – “This song was actually turned acoustic by accident ...the pun is intended. We just messed around and it started to take shape into quite a Western movie soundtrack piece. The end is epic.”
Unholy – “Another much-loved oldie that showcases the class of Lonesome Dave Ferguson. This track has a cool country flavour.”
No More No Less – “One of the more difficult ones to record. We had an idea of what we wanted it to sound like, but no idea how we were going to do it. I think it took the longest to finish. Rusti, our producer, helped me add some awesome percussive elements reminiscent to a small orchestra.”