aKing's new red hot tunes

aKing (Credit: Manfred Werner)
Rockers aKING will release The Red Blooded Years Special Edition album in August this year.  The time has come for a re-print and this album will be released by aKING’s new distributor, Electromode.  The Special Edition boasts two new tracks, a re-mix of All in the Wind by Johnny de Ridder, all the music videos from The Red Blooded Years and new album artwork. The two new tracks are called Wild Child and Jezebel.  “Wild Child is a song about the premature demise of a renegade youth due to his/her invincible approach to living.  It documents how he/she carelessly gambles with life and loved ones.  Jezebel is a breakup song about love turning sour after both parties invested so much,” says front man Laudo Liebenberg. The new songs were produced by aKING and recorded by Jurgen von Wechmar at Sunset Studios, outside Stellenbosch. Fans can expect the raw Rock ‘n Roll edge heard on Dutch Courage combined with the three-part vocal treatment that created the sound of The Red Blooded Years. The band says that they are “eager to get back to their energetic rock roots but at the same time experiment with different production techniques.” These songs are a taste of what's to come from aKING when they release their fourth album next year.