Celebs & Father's Day

It was Father’s Day yesterday, and some celebrities took to Twitter to share their wishes, give thanks, and generally talk about this day devoted to dads.
Rihanna and her dad

“Big papa,” tweeted Rihanna, along with a photo of her and her father.
Justin Bieber: “Happy father’s day @jeremybieber.”
Katy Perry: “Happy Faja’s day to my hilarious prankster of a pops. Thanks for always keeping me chuckling.”
Chris Brown: “Happy Fathers day to all the real men out there… Love u pops.”
“All your #HappyFathersDay wishes to my #dad made my eyes well up-w/ all my heart, thank you for inspiring a flood of great memories!” tweeted Paula Abdul.
Nicki Minaj: “Happy Father’s Day fellas!!!!! Mmmuuuuuaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!”
Justin Timberlake: “Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads, Daddies, Pops, Big Poppas, and Pa Dukes out there!! Have a great one!!”
Ricky Martin: “Feliz día de los padres. Happy fathers day!”
Adam Levine: “The Day of the Father. We love you dudes. Thanks for making us and teaching us man things.”
Keri Hilson: “Happy Father’s Day!!! Your presence (or your absence) has a tremendous impact on your child’s future!! GREAT FATHERS make the world better!”
Pitbull: “Se que siempre estas con migo… Happy Fathers Day daleeeee!!!”