Florence + the Machine's secret dance project

Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine
Holy Moly! Can it be true? Florence + the Machine recording dance music? Seems so! The group has revealed that they have been working on dance music under a secret alias reports Digital Spy. The collective said that they have set up a dance outfit called Side Project and have recorded a number of house tracks. Florence Welch told Digital Spy: "We actually have a dance outfit side project called Side Project. We made this weird house track that sounded quite churchy - to be confirmed! As yet it has never seen the light of day." Discussing Calvin Harris, who has reworked her latest single 'Spectrum', she admitted: "I'm such a huge fan of his. What I enjoy about Calvin's songs is that he has that blend of euphoric and melancholic which as an artist he has managed to perfect. It's that mix of catchy and sad - that feeling of complete joy but something tugging at your insides. That's what makes a great pop song and I really think he's coined that."