Kelly Clarkson covers Eminem song

Kelly Clarkson channels Eminem on stage rapping Lose Yourself
Pop star Kelly Clarkson has showed fans her "rapping" side when she did a cover of Eminem's Lose Yourself at a gig in Detroit. Digital Spy reports that Kelly donned an 8 Mile-style hoodie as she debuted her rapping skills. Kelly sings a fan-requested cover at each of her shows and has taken on the likes of Britney Spears, Madonna and Etta James in the past. She said of her latest cover: "I'm an Eminem fan, I grew up listening to him. The difference is, people, when you listen to him on the radio and sing along in the car you're a lot more bad ass than you actually are. When you're alone without Eminem doing it with you, it's not as good. I'm on a highway from Texas to thug y'all!" She recently insisted that she doesn't follow the traditional pop star rules. "The hardest thing about being in this business is just being able to be yourself," she said. "People act like there's this one set of rules to follow to be a pop star and I think, 'Well, you say I'm a pop star, so maybe that's not true'. I put on the Hank Williams and the Patsy Cline and the Rosemary Clooney on vinyl - I'm not trying to be some cool indie-rock person, I just love the way it sounds - and throw on a T-shirt and jeans." Watch Kelly's Eminem song HERE!