The Parlotones: ‘Dragonflies & Astronauts’

The Parlotones
South Africa rockers The Parlotones will be releasing the live recording of their rock theatre production “Dragonflies & Astronauts’. ‘Dragonflies & Astronauts' is a rock theatre production which was developed complete with storyline, sets and characters revolving around the greatest hits of The Parlotones. ‘Dragonflies & Astronauts’ wove a narrative through the band’s catalogue, including 16 songs that were Top 40 hits in South Africa. The landmark production integrates some of the more theatrical elements The Parlotones have become known for in their music videos and to some degree in their more recent performances. In the tradition of performers like David Bowie and Pink Floyd, the creative crew of the show has spun a futuristic, science fiction yarn which will form the backbone of the visualisation and storytelling, using the band’s numerous hits as well as some of their more obscure recordings as the soundtrack for a sci-fi rock opera. Audiences will be able to indulge their senses when they experience The Parlotones playing their songs live as a theatrical performance unfolds on stage. Set in the future in a world ruled by three dictators, where fear of apocalypse has eliminated every discordant voice and all passion, the sci-fi tale follows our heroine - an alien visitor - who falls to this planet and is discovered by a young man who immediately falls for her.  The space creature’s untouchable beauty is so spectacular that all are entranced by her and the three dictators are driven by the idea of being able to possess her. They present her with offers of wealth, power and knowledge but she remains unmoved. To maintain order in their world, they decide to isolate her from all others on a distant moon. Our story’s anti-hero is so overcome by the loss of his true love that he risks his life and, with no hope of returning to his home, he follows her into space. The double CD features 24 studio versions of the all the tracks that were used in the ‘Dragonflies & Astronauts’ theatre production as well as a DVD of the ground-breaking performance. A Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray will also be released. In true Parlotones style it will be the first 3D release of a concert in Southern Africa.