Van Coke Kartel ROCKING in 2013

Local rockers Van Coke Kartel is extremely amped for their brand new video, Chaos, featuring Jack Parow. This video is due for release early 2013.  Each member summed up his experience in a short sentence: Wynand Myburgh: “This will, without a doubt, be the best video yet!” Francois van Coke: “I think this might be the most exciting video yet. There will be tortoises, bugs, sunbeds and some slow mo stuff.” Jason Oosthuizen: “Breaking stuff and sun burning was great.” Jedd Kossew: “I like the rotating live shots.” The band also won a grant to make a music video for Buitenkant II as part of MK’s MVP initiative. This video is a take on the movie, Drive, starring Ryan Gosling.  They worked on this project with Groundglass, one of South Africa’s leading director-based film production companies. Check out the video, HERE!