Adele Vs. Dido: battle of the British divas

While British singer Adele conquered the world with her music the last couple of years, it now seems the other British singer Dido is back to reclaim her crown as the queen of globe-conquering soulful pop. The reports that the "White Flag" singer, who sold 33 million albums during a decade of chart dominance, will return with a new album, Girl Who Got Away, after five years out of the spotlight. The CD will be out on 4 March. The Kensington-born singer, 41, attended English classes in California and took time off to start a family. She has collaborated with producer Brian Eno on the new album. Dido’s first two albums No Angel and Life For Rent remain two of the UK’s biggest sellers of all-time. Adele, who has now sold 32 million albums, is creeping up on Dido’s career sales. Dido said: “It was an incredibly fun record to make. There was no pressure on me at all. And now I just can't wait for people to hear it.” The singer has unveiled a single "Let Us Move On", featuring rising US rap star Kendrick Lamar, which will hit airwaves on 24 February.