Snoop Dogg's up in smoke pre-Grammy blunder

Snoop Dogg
With only a few hours to go before the 2013 Grammy Awards, rapper Snoop Dogg shocked fans at a pre-Grammy Awards event on Saturday when a lit up a marijuana cigarette. The rapper attended BMI's annual How I Wrote That Song event before the Grammy Awards tonight, reports The Associated Press reports the discussion turned to Dr. Dre's 1992 album The Chronic when Snoop started blazing on stage at The Roxy in Los Angeles. The rapper features on several tracks on the record. According to the outlet, Snoop was seen 'lighting up a large, Kush-filled blunt' and passed it to fellow rapper B.o.B. Lyricist Busta Rhymes and songwriters Luke Laird and Evan Bogart were also on stage during the panel discussion. The musicians abstained from Snoop's offer to smoke with him during the 15-minute session. Snoop has been candid about his love of smoking pot but it's also got him into legal trouble. The 41-year-old hip-hop star was arrested last June at a Norway airport after he was found carrying marijuana and more cash than legally permitted without declaration, TMZ reported. Police allegedly found eight grams of the drug on the hip-hop star after a sniffer dog at the Kjevik Airport in Kristiansand alerted them. According to the outlet, Snoop was fined $1980.13 for the drugs offences and paid $8,600 in total for the cash he was carrying. He was previously detained in January 2012 after several cigarettes containing the substance were found in his tour bus while he was in Texas. He has faced similar arrests over the years, receiving a suspended 30-day jail sentence in 2002 for misdemeanour marijuana possession. Snoop has not commented on the most recent incident. The Grammy Awards will be aired live on Channel O (DStv channel 320) at 03:00 Monday morning.