Daft Punk's new CD Debuts On iTunes

The wait is over! One week before its official release in the U.S. , French house duo Daft Punk have unveiled their highly-anticipated Random Access Memories album on iTunes. The epic record can be heard in full on Daft Punk's artist page on iTunes, which means that, if you're still hoping for a productive work day, well, there's always tomorrow. Random Access Memories kicks off with the starry, sumptuous "Give Life Back To Music" and concludes with the rushing, rattling "Contact," and in between, there's more than 60 minutes of conscious-expanding, disco-tinged dance, including cameos from Giorgio Moroder (on the standout "Giorgio by Moroder,") Pharrell Williams (on first single "Get Lucky" and "Lose Yourself To Dance,") the legendary Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams (or "Rainbow Connection" fame) and Animal Collective member Panda Bear.