Wimbledon music secrets

Andy Murray
"I would say 90% of the players listen to music before they go on. You know the locker room at a grand slam, there's like 128 players at the beginning. It's very, very loud with coaches and physical trainers and all that so a lot of players just kinda get in the zone by listening to music," explains British number one tennis player, Andy Murray to BBC Newsbeat on the greatest tennis tournament, Wimbledon, and music. He talks about his views on both social media and music, revealing that he enjoys reading inspirational sporting quotes on Twitter and that he often listens to John Mellencamp, Ed Sheeran and Pharell. Speaking about his views on music, Andy told Newsbeat's Mike Williams: "I've been listening to a lot of John Mellencamp ' quite old. I like Ed Sheeran. I like Pharell's songs just now. They're pretty good ' the one with Robin Thicke as well."