Die Antwoord's Cookie Thumper is freakin' HOT!

Yo-Landi Vi$$er in Cookie Thumper
We love local zep rappers Die Antwoord. In our humble opinion, they are the best music export from South Africa at the moment, and now celeb blogger Perez Hilton has chosen their new song Cookie Thumper as one of his best songs worthy a post. In his blog post Perez says:  Die Antwoord is like acid! A trip! Thankfully, a good one! A wild one! A weird one! The South African duo is back with a bizarre new video and a juicy new song that's like Peaches on crack and backwards! Cookie Thumper is a narrative video, directed by the other half of Die Antwoord, Ninja and tells the story of a schoolgirl who lives in an orphanage, played by Yo-Landi Vi$$er, who has a crush on Anies, a gangster recently released from prison. After Vi$$er’s character gets some drugs from Anies, she screeches into a high-energy lust-filled love song to the gangster, with scenes of her smoking marijuana, parading in naught but tiny shorts and in a yellow crocheted bikini top and urinating on the orphanage's stairs. Yo-landi and Anies meet in a love scene that is bound to provoke fans and critics alike."Sny jou koekie, sny sny jou koekie" are just some of the lyrics belted out by manic pixie  Yolandi Vi$$er. We just LOVE this! The group's new CD, Donker Mag is reportedly out early in 2014.