CD REVIEW! Celine Dion – Loved Me Back To Life

With more than 200 million albums sold worldwide, superstar, mom and wife Celine Dion’s brand new English album Loved Me Back To Life has reportedly already sold more than 100 000 copies – only in Canada folks. Now if that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is. Although fans had to wait six years for a new English album, the diva wasn’t sitting with folded hands. The star’s second contract engagement at The Colosseum at Ceasar’s Palace titled Celine, is currently in its second year, she was on the road with her year and a half world tour Taking Chances and gave birth to twins. After an incredibly successful career of more than 30 years Celine sounds different – in a very good way of course. Her vocals are more relaxed, edgier than ever and she mentioned in numerous interviews after the album’s release she has nothing to prove anymore. She adores her job and fans, but priority is being a mom and wife. The album’s first five tracks, Loved Me Back to Life (, Somebody Loves Somebody (, Incredible (duet with Ne-Yo, yes Ne-Yo,, Water and a Flame and Breakaway will undoubtedly result in big singles and sales. Stevie Wonder joins Celine for the albums ninth track, Overjoyed. Cheesy, but I will have my first dance as a married man to this stunning song come hell or high water. And do listen to Unfinished Songs written by Diane Warren written for the movie Song for Marion. Deeply intimate, Celine takes us back to her “difficult” school years ( with At Seventeen (originally by Janis Ian in 1975). At 45 Celine is a well-oiled superstar, relaxed in her own skin and her exceptional voice is testament of grateful maturity and years of experience in the studio and on stage. It’s clear that Celine now approach her music a lot differently, referring to her thank you letter in the album’s booklet: “Thank you . . . Is what I say in the morning when I wake up and think about René and my beloved sons, René-Charles, Nelson, and Eddy, and my mother, who is always with me and always so inspiring, and my brothers and sisters and those I love, who make my life more beautiful, far from the lights, and the illusions and all the artificial things that are out there.” (By Arnold Ras)