AC/DC on the verge of splitting up?

With no official announcement as yet, rumours are rife that AC/CD are going split up. If indeed so, it will be a sad sad day in rock history. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the band is apparently "pulling the plug with unconfirmed reports that a key member is too ill to continue. That member is understood to be founding guitarist and songwriter Malcolm Young, 61, who has long been a heavy smoker and has been ill for up to two years. Sources close to the band apparently confirmed that Young and his family had recently returned to live in Australia from Britain, suggesting his condition may have deteriorated. Conflicting stories about the band's future - none of which included any official comment - continued all day on Tuesday. Some reports said the band was booked to record a new album in Vancouver in May, while others said those plans had been put on hold. It also claimed, AC/DC's unofficial Australian representatives, Alberts, would make a statement on Wednesday." Eish, we wait with bated breath on the official news.