The Curious Incident (UK) releases new single “Money” and announces SA Tour in November/December

Four lads from four different country making up one band. Now that is a KILLER! The Curious Incident (UK) is the Alternative Pop embodiment of that roller coaster feeling in your belly! A band of multinationals wearing their hearts on their sleeves; their music has a little RHCP, a little Sting, a little Winehouse, a little Bruno Mars and a lot more thrown in depending on the weather. They have supported some of their heroes including The Zombies and have been lucky enough to play in the UK, Switzerland and Canada. The band had their first SA tour in 2012. Good news for SA fans is that The Curious Incident will be back here in November/December to introduce their new EP: “Penny Lonesome”. Their wickedly tongue in cheek single - “Money” - will be going out to SA radio in the next few days. The EP will consist of 4 news songs, as well as some bonus tracks: Money: Tongue-in-cheek teasing of the lyrics of some of the band`s favourite modern artists Aloe Blacc and Sam Smith; The Hunt: An eclectic and somewhat unexpected style mash with a positive blow-out chorus best suited to a Caribbean jump around; Diane: A Tale of youthful love in a school-time crush that's bloomed into an Elvis-approved marriage; Please Don't Say: Perfect for telling that special someone (lover, friend, politician) to shut the hell up. The band consist of:

Cavey Roberts @caveyroberts
(vocals & guitar) - representing South Africa and The Netherlands

Mirko Piconese @mirkopiconese
(lead guitar) - representing Italy

Dan Bowery @dmbowery
(bass) - representing England

Diaz Meidiawan @curiousdiaz13
(drums) - representing Indonesia

When not writing and playing Cavey is a Jack The Ripper tour guide and sober bar crawl host; Diaz makes sure that the Indonesian Airforce has planes to fly; Dan equally provokes and prevents riots near Oval Cricket ground and Mirko mashes up Flight of the Bumble Bee with Iron Maiden on classical guitar. See them live on 25 November at Aandklas in Stellenbosch; 29 November at Mystic Boer in Bloemfontein; 5 December at Arcade Empire in Pretoria w/ Lark; 6 December at Rumours in Johannesburg w/ Lark; and on 13 December in Cape Town (venue still to be confirmed).
Meanwhile, listen to their song Money here: