Berlin and Cape Town - busking together: #PlayingforChange Tour

Sons of Settlers
Sons of Settlers is an engaging alliance of members from the dormant bands New Holland (Gerdus Oosthuizen – lead vocals and guitar for Sons of Settlers) and Foto Na Dans (Le-Roi Nel – backing vocals and guitar).  They have just returned from a very successful promotional tour of Germany and Switzerland where they performed for three-months. As true-to-the core musicians, they loved being able to perform every day while on tour.  “In Berlin you can play music on the street and make enough money to pay rent and buy food. There is a culture of really valuing and supporting the arts and the result is that some of the best artists in the world from all fields are drawn to Berlin,” says Gerdus. During their journey they met Riders Connection who showed them warm-hearted hospitality and with whom they shared adventures.  “We felt that when we first met Sons of Settlers that there were no borders between our souls and also felt at home in each other’s hearts. It’s a special feeling that can’t really be put into words.” Riders Connection are coming to South Africa to join Sons of Settlers for The Playing for Change Tour in December and Sons of Settlers hopes to return the favour by showing them our famed South African hospitality. Le-Roi says that “Riders Connection have honed their skills as entertainers on the streets of Berlin. They have a gripping presence on stage that cannot be conveyed through any recording.When you witness in person what they do when they perform, you will be drawn in before you know it.” Together they plan to perform all the way up the East Coast, hoping to move audiences with their respective unique styles of music. Gerdus says that “in Europe there is a culture of showing appreciation for art through donations, i.e. throwing change into a hat. We are going to test out how this concept fairs in South Africa by also sending a donation hat around during shows.” “This is an extreme DIY effort, we have pulled in all our favours and resources and we put together our own sound system and our own lighting rig, this enables us to play smaller venues one would not normally play and also enables us to go and play to people who would otherwise not be in a position to hear our music,” Le-Roi continues to say.

Riders Connection
The Playing for Change outreach initiative
The Playing for Change Tour plans to share the gift of music in their social outreach programme.   Their first stop with this initiative will be the Zisukhanyo Secondary School in Philippi on November 30th.  Sons of Settler’s performance will form part of the SAEP‘s (South African Education Programme) Arts Programme to inspire children to follow their dreams in music industry. “Our intention is to go and share our music to people who would otherwise not be able to access live music. Any leads and opportunities for this would be heartily welcomed. We are looking to play to the underprivileged children, elderly, homeless and incarcerated of our country, says Gerdus.”