The Mission's Wayne Hussey back to tour South Africa

Wayne Hussey will be making a welcome return to South Africa in May to play a series of 4 solo shows in support of the release of his solo album 'Songs Of Candlelight & Razorblades'. It'll be the first shows in South Africa by either Wayne or The Mission since 2006! The shows will be: Fri. 8th, Sat. 9th May: Barnyard Theatre, Sunninghill, Rivonia. 10th: Barnyard Theatre, Parkview, Pretoria& Mon. 11th: Barnyard Theatre, Willowbridge, Cape Town.Ticket information will follow shortly. For info on venues: www, Wayne promises that the shows will pretty much follow the form of his recent European tour and will feature songs from his new album, classic and lesser known Mission songs, as well as a selection of suitably maverick & idiosyncratic cover versions. Wayne: 'This'll be my 5th or 6th time in South Africa and I've always had a great time there, always been made to feel very welcome. I've made some very good friends there on previous visits so it'll be good to meet up with them again. And it'll be good to see my old nemesis, Barney Simon, and resurrect our heated football discussions. I'm a red and he's a blue. Sounds like a song in there somewhere. And going back to Cape Town too, but hope I see more of it than I did last time which was basically the inside of a club and a hotel room. I'm looking forward to this, it's been too damn long!'