MUST SEE! Daft Punk - Unchained

You don't have to understand French when watching Daft Punk - Unchained. The music and images speak for themselves. I am a self-confessed Daft Punk fan. Actually a Daft Punk punker. I've followed the band from their humble beginning until where they are now - dominating the world music scene with their unique blend of sounds and music styles. Although it's unsure if we in South Africa will see this brilliant piece of work, the documentary explores the pop culture phenomenon of the mysterious music duo Daft Punk, which pulls back the masks of the Grammy award winning French musicians, who are famed for performing in robot attire that hides their faces. The documentary includes radio interviews, rare footage and exclusive interviews with their close friends and collaborators. The only thing that got to me was there was nothing in it about the people behind the robot masks - Thomas and Guy-Man as actual people. You don't hear them speak directly to the camera, and you hardly find anything out about their personal lives. I think it's a good thing. It keeps the enigma alive. The vibe and cult that is Daft Punk.