REVIEW! My thoughts on Adele's 25

I took my time reviewing Adele's 25. Literally took my time. Not that I don't like her music, but because I wanted to be sure how to express myself. Despite having that throat surgery in 2011, her voice is still has haunting as ever: brassy and husky, a Titanic voice I would say. Yes the mood on 25 is sombre, as I expected. Besides the track Hello and When We Were Young, I found myself drawn to the song River Lea, a Danger Mouse production which is for me is an almost strutting modern gospel sound track. Just brilliant. And yes, what is Adele without heartache and pain? Almost every song on 25 touches on heartache in some ways. But thank God there are some "upbeat" songs like Sweetest Devotion. Her fruits of sorrow is our joy, our lemon juice, sweet and bitter, yet nice. Unlike 21 & 19, I won’t be sitting moping and crying with a box of tissues next to me, but rather sit on the porch with a glass of good white wine and enjoy the scenery while soaking up the sun. Thank you, Adele