REVIEW! Various - Now That's What I Call Music! 72

The Now compilation release is always a tricky one. You either like it, or hate it, or wonder, where's the rest? Back in the day I was a Now fan, buying every Now LP (yep, back in the day of vinyl), and then I kind of lost interest. I think it was about the time bubble-gum pop and one hit wonders were the rage. But I've always kept an ear on the ground for the Now releases to see if there is maybe one that will at least make me sit and listen. Now That's What I call Music! 72 is that CD. The holy grail of the Now releases. Out of the 22 songs, I think there is only 2 that I would give a skip. The Black Coffee track We Dance Again is my favourite. Seriously cool. The Weekend track In The Night is one of those 2 songs I would give a skip. I just can't get into the song, not as cool as their previous track Can't Feel My Face. With that said, if you looking for a very cool easy listening compilation, this is the one.