REVIEW! Twin Atlantic - GLA

Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic quite surprised me with their more edgy rockier sound on their fourth CD GLA. Previously their sound was kind of poppy sing-alongs which was, well, meh. But now, I'm sitting up and taking notice of this band. For one, they are good. Secondly, their music has matured into something that I can only describe as rock-heaven. And thirdly, I think this is the album they always wanted to make. Edgy and in your face. I get goosebumps when I heard the roar ripping guitar riffs on opening track ' Gold Elephant : Cherry Alligator'. And I'm totally into the track No Sleep. Yes, I'm a sucker for guitar riffs, awesome vocal range and killer lyrics. Two tracks, ‘You Are the Devil’ and 'Overthinking’ could maybe have been re-tweaked. With that said, the band has really grown since their previously releases and they've pushed their sound into something that will keep you listening over and over.