Prime Circle Takes Flight

Prime Circle, South Africa’s hottest modern rock ticket is set to take to the sky, more than ever before. The band will unpack four albums worth of originality in the band’s biggest international tour yet. With 16 shows already booked, across three countries, Prime Circle will soon be performing to fans across Europe, giving them the chance to see the magic of South Africa’s top rock band.
The first ports of call for the European tour are now confirmed, with a month-long tour of Germany, Norway and the Netherlands.  The tour kicks off on 18 May 2011.
It’s been a great year for the band so far, and the band is just getting warmed up. Lead singer, Ross Learmonth; drummer, Dale Schnettler; lead guitarist, Dirk Bisschoff; bass guitarist, Marco Gomes and keyboard player Neil Breytenbach are ready to rock European audiences, but they remain loyal to their fans here at home. “We are looking forward to taking our music beyond the borders of South Africa, but we carry our home grown fans in our hearts wherever we go,” said Ross Learmonth, lead singer of the band.
With a new photo shoot  just completed and with Jekyll & Hyde now set to take flight, local fans have more than enough to keep them happy between the current singles. “Never Gonna Bring Us Down” and “Turning in My Sleep” as well as the first single, “Breathing”, can be heard on high rotation across the country.
The band is the epitome of a world class rock act, applying every tool at their disposal to engage with each and every one of their fans. Whether it’s at , Twitter or Facebook, the band has made it their business to know the business they’re in, and they’re claiming bigger chunks of it every day.
If the reaction Prime Circle has had from South African audiences over the past ten years is anything to go by, it’s safe to say that the band will come home with quite a few new fans.