Friday, 19 September 2014

WHAT THE FUCK?! 't.A.T.u singer wouldn't love a gay son'

OH MY GOD! Let me say it again. OH MY GOD! Back in the day Russian duo t.A.T.u made headlines as a so-called 'lesbian' group. Of course they later denied being gay.  The two singers, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, made headlines when they kissed each other in the their music video 'All The Things She Said'. Now apparently, Yulia Volkova said in a Russian radio interview that she "won't accept a gay son". Digital Spy reports that during an interview on Russian TV, the presenter asked her: "Will you condemn your son, if he is gay?" According to a translation provided on YouTube video description, she replied: "Yes, I would condemn him, because I believe that a real man must be a real man. "God created man for procreation, it is the nature. The man for me is the support, the strength of... I won't accept a gay son." She added that her views only relate to a gay son, and not a gay daughter, as she thinks lesbian couples look "much nicer". "I think for men it's a bad freedom," she said. "In our time, there is a very large number of frivolous girls (and a man can be with a large number of these girls). This is freedom for men. "And a man has no right to be a f*g. Two girls together - not the same thing as the two men together. It seems to me that lesbians look aesthetically much nicer than two men holding their hands or kissing." She continued: "But I want to say that I'm not against gays, I just want my son to be a real man, not a f*g. "I have many gay friends. I believe that being gay is all still better than murderers, thieves or drug addicts. If you choose out of all this, being gay is a little better than the rest."

SHOCKING! Cher sued for alleged discrimination

Oh my, seems like Cher is in a bit of a pickle. reports that three of her backup dancers have filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday. This comes after the three claim they were wrongfully fired from her current tour and the singer engaged in racial discrimination. According to reports,  the lawsuit alleges Cher remarked that there were too many dark-skinned dancers on her tour and instructed her choreographer to hire a white dancer over a qualified black performer. The lawsuit states the dancers were fired from Cher's "Dressed to Kill" tour after informing managers that another dancer assaulted an unidentified woman in a hotel room while on tour. Two of the plaintiffs, who are black, say their race was a motivating factor in their dismissal. The third dancer cites age discrimination as a factor in her firing," reports Liz Rosenberg, Cher's publicist,  denies the allegations and says there is no truth to them.

REVIEW! Robert Plant - Lullaby and... the Ceaseless Roar

I thank my dad for introducing me to the music of Led Zeppelin. As a young boy, when I started to went crazy about music, they offered the sound that was not played here in South Africa at that time over the radio. They were amazing and Robert Plant's vocals were gripping. Since the band's breakup in 1980, Robert went on to release solo albums, with Lullaby and... the Ceaseless Roar being his 10th album, and it's beautiful. Almost like lover songs to the English country side. Over the years Robert has experimented with various sounds: eclectic as jazz, folk, bluegrass, African traditional music, electronica and even trip-hop. Lullaby and... the Ceaseless Roar blends all of these influences perfectly together. The CD is definitely worth listening to. or better, adding to you CD collection.

REVIEW! Counting Crows - Somewhere Under Wonderland

I saw them live once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away in South Africa. They were good. Actually awesome! Then, I kind of lost interest in the band with their music. It became a bit bland. But honestly this is the best album of the Counting Crows since Recovering Satellites. On Somewhere Under Wonderland they still are channelling the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, REM and the Band. Their new, and 7th CD, is packed with plenty of striking melodies, and an arrangement that shows off the Crows at their loosest and most vibrant. It's best to say that the CD contains some of the band’s most ambitious and thought-provoking songs. As Consequence of Sound said, "A colourful and emotionally rich palette of sounds that combines past recording styles."

REMASTERED! Bon Jovi - New Jersey

For three decades, the iconic, world renowned Bon Jovi has steadfastly earned and maintained a stellar reputation as ambassadors of rock ‘n’ roll, performing for more than 37.5 million fans, selling more than 130 million albums and racking up 96 No. 1 chart debuts around the globe. On the heels of yet another record-breaking year in 2013, which included their fifth No. 1 record and the No. 1 worldwide tour, Bon Jovi announces plans for an extensive 30th Anniversary catalog campaign with Island/UMe. The initiative will launch with the release of the seminal album New Jersey in a remastered 2-CD Deluxe Edition. More 30th Anniversary commemorative titles, including newly-compiled collections of studio and live recordings, will also be released this year. Released in September 1988, New Jersey spent four straight weeks at No. 1 in the U.S. and spawned five Top 10 singles (“Bad Medicine;” “Born To Be My Baby;” “I’ll Be There For You;” “Living In Sin;” and “Lay Your Hands On Me,” two of which hit No. 1 (“Bad Medicine” and “I’ll Be There For You”) – the only rock album ever with that many Top 10 hits. The album is multi-platinum in the U.S. and has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

HOT! Common - Nobody's Smiling

Chicago rapper, actor Common has fulfilled a life-long goal with the announcement of his signing to No ID’s Artium /Def Jam Recordings.“Kingdom” featuring Vince Staples out now, Common’s lead track from his upcoming tenth studio album Nobody's Smiling, set for July 22nd release. The marks a creative reunion between Common and his long-time friend and collaborator No I.D., EVP / Co-Head of A&R, Def Jam Recordings, who came of age in the ’90s as producer of Common’s first three albums (on then-indie Relativity). The 2014 release of NOBODY’S SMILING, executive produced by No I.D., commemorates the 20th anniversary of Common’s breakthrough album Resurrection (1994), with his signature tracks, “Resurrection” and “I Used To Love H.E.R.”  NOBODY’S SMILING is Common’s first new album since 2011’s The Dreamer/The Believer. “Common and I have a long history of making great music together,” said No I.D.  “His rich legacy and robust talent are perfect additions to the Def Jam family.  It's particularly significant that he's coming under our roof for his 10th album as a matured artist and cultural ambassador. It's a tremendous boost for the spirit of Def Jam as well as the world of hip-hop.” Since his motion picture debut in 2006 (Smokin’ Aces), Common has carved out an impressive career in more than a dozen films, including such major box office successes as American Gangster (2007), Street Kings (2008), Terminator Salvation (2009), Date Night (2010), and more.  Common is also the lead co-star on AMC’s post-Civil War western action series Hell On Wheels, returning for a fourth season this year.

Metallica surprises fans with CDs of all their live gigs in 2014

Rock on Metallica! Music-news reports that Metallica will release every show they have done in 2014 as a live album. Metallica were one of the early innovators in the releasing of their shows for download shortly after their completion, having started the practice ten years ago; however, fans have been asking them to go, as they call it, 'old school' and put out shows on CD. Starting Tuesday, the group started helping out those people who like the 'old' technology by putting out every show from 2014 on the shiny discs. Every week, three shows are being released, in chronological order, with dates from Bogota, Columbia, Quito, Ecuador and Lima, Peru out now. For those that want them all, the band will release a 27 show box set later in the year. Plus, vinyl fans will have the chance to vote on the four shows that they would like to see released early in 2015.

Sharon Osbourne pissed off with U2

It seems a lot of people are not happy with U2 after the Irish rockers released their new CD for free on iTunes. Music-news reports that Sharon Osbourne called the members of the band 'middle-aged political groupies.' Ouch! The new U2 album Songs of Innocence, and the associated campaign giving it away free, have received their share of criticism as has the band for the route they have taken with their career. First there was the fact that the album was placed in 500 million people's iTunes playlist, ready to be downloaded. Rapper Tyler, the Creator publicly criticized the move, Tweeting 'Its legit like waking up with a pimple or like a herpes. I did know you were on my phone. What the f**k.' Now it is Sharon Osbourne taking to Twitter with critical words on the situation, not for the download but the precedent it is setting for the music industry. On Monday, she said: 'U2 you are business moguls not musicians anymore. No wonder you have to give your mediocre music away for free cause no one wants to buy it. Guys nothing is for free, how much you making? PS, btw you are just a bunch of middle age political groupies.. Whose political ass are we going to pull you out of today? Or are you front row at another tragic fashion show?. Jimmy Iovine, iTunes, U2, you're a bunch of megalomaniacs. FUCK YOU!' Here's how to say NO to @U2's new record that was forced upon you by @iTunes ' #NoThankU2 ' Sharon continued the rant the next day: 'This is an invasion of my private space. My entertainment space. '.Shame on you, what about up-and-coming artists who need to sell their music? #TheTalk' And again today (Wednesday): 'One more example of how fabulous Bono is. Curing world hunger one Louis Vuitton suitcase at a time'.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

U2 iTunes album giveaway 'damaging the value of music'

Honestly, I was stoked when U2 released their new CD for free on iTunes. Now it seems all is not happy about it. Digital Spy reports U2's album giveaway on iTunes earlier this month has been criticised by the Entertainment Retailers' Association. The band have made their new album Songs of Innocence available for free to 500 million iTunes users, with a physical edition scheduled for release on 13 October. However, outgoing ERA chairman Paul Quirk has criticised the strategy, saying that music retailers haven't reaped the benefits of U2's comeback. "This vindicates our view that giving away hundreds of millions of albums simply devalues music and runs the risk of alienating the 60% of the population who are not iTunes customers," Quirk told Music Week. "If one of the justifications of this stunt is that it would drive sales of U2's catalogue through the market as a whole, then so far at least, it has been a dismal failure." Figures show that U2 album sales did jump by 868% in the UK in the week following the giveaway, but that only amounted to less than £50,000 at retail prices. "This promotion is a failure on so many levels," Quirk added. "It devalues music, it alienates the majority of the people who don't use iTunes and it disappoints those who prefer to shop in physical stores, since few shops had U2 stock available. "Giving away music like this is as damaging to the value of music as piracy, and those who will suffer most are artists of tomorrow. "U2 have had their career, but if one of the biggest rock bands in the world are prepared to give away their new album for free, how can we really expect the public to spend £10 on an album by a newcomer?" Meanwhile, Bono has revealed that he is currently working on an "irresistibly exciting" new music format with Apple.

Vinny Da Vinci - The Godfather of Deep House Sounds Marks an Era

After 15 years as a curator and influencer in the deep house movement, this edition marks Vinny Da Vinci’s final chapter of his Deep House Sounds series.“In this game, 10 albums is a milestone, particularly in the Deep House genre in South Africa. I think the most rewarding experience over the last fifteen years has been the growth, progression, and receptiveness of Deep House in this market.  The number of new upcoming productions out of South Africa at the moment is staggering and I am glad to have been a part of that growth, both directly and indirectly. Beyond 2015 I plan to focus more on studio production and see where the deep takes me... ” The Godfather of Deep House Sounds has been piloting modern South African masterpieces and forging a launch pad for many of the country’s most popular cuts – tracks that still live on dance floors and have cemented themselves as evergreen radio classics. Vinny has had the immaculate taste and foresight to break tunes such as the Herbert classic, A:xus (‘Baghdad CafĂ©’), Spiritchaser (‘These Tears’), Opolopo’s remix of Gregory Porter, DJ Rasoul (‘Let Me Love You’) and many more. The Deep House Sounds series (Vol 1 to Vol 9) have served as templates for the emerging sound of Africanised house and go-tos for aficionados of refined dancefloor fare. True to form, this final release is all class, with an air of melancholy fitting for the send-off. A baker’s dozen of beats, many of these tracks could become our South African summer’s next big one.Deep House Sounds 10 includes contributions by established producers like Timothy J Fairplay, Ananda Project, Scott Grooves and Jovonn. Alongside these are sumptuous and sweeping numbers from the kinds of fresh talent that this series has always celebrated, including Darko Kustura, Dario D’Attis and Steve Paradise. Typically mixed with Vinny’s signature craftsmanship, it’s sad that this series has to end but it’s a joy that the mix sounds every bit as good as its predecessors. Now you can re-visit the series all the way back to 1999 for the first Deep House Sounds collection – a recording that made a serious statement of intent by opening with Herbert’s soon-to-be-massive remix of Moloko’s ‘Sing It Back’.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Andre 3000 had tough time 'playing guitar' in Jimi Hendrix movie

It's not easy playing music legend Jimi Hendrix. Ask Andre  3000 from OutKastHe has compared playing the guitar left handed like 'walking backwards', reports music news. Andre 3000 has compared playing the guitar left handed like 'walking backwards'. The Outkast frontman, real name Andre Lauren Benjamin, will soon be seen on the big screen playing the iconic musician Jimi Hendrix in Jimi: All Is by My Side. While the 39-year-old is an accomplished artist himself, he plays guitar with his right hand, so found switching to his left to embody Jimi extremely difficult. 'It was very hard. It's almost the same as walking backwards,' he told British magazine Shortlist. 'The crazy part was when we first approached the film we thought that, production-wise, we were going to be able to shoot it right handed, so I could have the confidence and full movement of knowing how to do it in the way I know. We were going to try to flip the image.' However, it soon became apparent that they would have to change everything in the scene, which would be expensive. It left Andre unsure if he could do the legendary performer justice at all. 'I was kind of bummed about it. I didn't know if I could pull it off,' he recalled. 'At one point during the meeting, I was not going to do it. I was going to say, 'The movie's not gonna work, because I don't want to f**k Hendrix up and make him look terrible.' I hadn't practised the left-hand thing once.' Thankfully, Andre realised it was too good a part to give up and rehearsed every day to master playing left-handed. The Hey Ya! singer was thrilled with the end result. 'It's just a different type of movie. I think there will be a lot of Hendrix movies made,' he said. 'We'll see Hendrix with all the hits, the whole story. But we wanted to make a more human, more character-based film, rather than just trying to recreate existing footage.' -

Deadmau5 becomes taxi driver

EDM super star Deadmau5 got a not 'bored' and decided to become a taxi driver for one night. Digital Spy reports that the "electronic artist took his so-called 'meowclaren' 650s out for a spin, driving people around Toronto, after announcing on Twitter that he fancied giving it a go for "s**ts and giggles. The producer then went on to pick up and drop people off for several hours, including taking one man to a burrito place and others to various clubs. He wrote: "lol, well that was fun... gunna keep the app handy... never know when i get bored n might wanna go out for a spin. thanks @Uber_TOR".

Friday, 12 September 2014

REVIEW! U2 - Songs Of Innocence

Firstly I would like to thank Irish rockers U2 for giving iTunes users free 'copies' of their latest CD, Songs Of Innocence.  I was scpetical of this CD as I thought it would never see the light of day due to various media reports. I also wasn't sure what sound to ecpect due to the band working with various producers, but it's safe to say the CD sounds like U2. As The Telegraph put it so perfectly: "It is an album of big, colourful, attacking rock with fluid melodies, bright anthemic choruses and bold lyrical ideas. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that, despite apparently being created in a spirit of self-doubt, it sounds fresh and cohesive, bouncing out of the speakers with a youthful spring in its step." Although this is not the best U2 CD I have ever heard, it's good enough to be on rotation on my iTunes playlist.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

HOT! Royal Blood - Royal Blood

This is volcanic hot! Brighton due Royal Blood has scored one of the fastest selling rock debut album in almost 3 years! NME reports that when the CD was released back on 25 August, it sold nearly 66 000 in the first week. "The figures make it the highest-selling rock debut since Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' self-titled release in 2011," says NME. The Guardian went on to say about the debut CD, "A lower-than-low end distillation of Queens of the Stone Age and the White Stripes, Royal Blood's sulky boogie is made by piston-like drummer Ben Thatcher and singing bassist Mike Kerr according to spartan values." This CD is slam-banging and hard-hitting. It's almost like they are channelling Led Zeppelin on some tracks, and it's awesome! says "Comprising drummer Ben Thatcher and singing bassist Mike Kerr, Royal Blood deliver slam-bang, hard-hitting rock that channels Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Queens of the Stone Age without a single guitar solo." The sums it up perfectly, "For a concept based on just bass and drums, this Brighton duo is certainly no-frills, but somehow they manage to sound like a very cool stadium-sized colossus." Brilliant!

Faith No More is back - fucking finally!

Nu-metal rockers Faith No More is going to release their new CD in April 2015 - their first new CD in 18 years! Digital Spy reports: ""Hopefully it doesn't sound like a bunch of 50-year-old men... which we are!" bassist Bill Gould told Rolling Stone. The album has been recorded over the past 18 months, after they began writing together again during a break from reunion shows. Gould continued: "We weren't touring, we have these songs that we were working on - that we think are pretty cool - [so we thought], 'Why don't we just do our own imprint and kind of reclaim our future, in a way?'" The album will be released under the band's own Reclamation Records, while its lead single 'Motherf**ker' will be out on 28 November. "I think this [album] kicks things up a notch," Gould said. "There's parts that are very powerful and there's parts that have a lot of 'space'. "There's going to be a lot of space and scope - big, big sound-stage space - but I also think there's gonna be a lot of those things that we already have. All I can say is what we're doing just feels right." Faith No More's previous album was 1997's Album of the Year.