CD REVIEW: Jeff Bridges - Jeff Bridges (EMI)

In 2009 actor Jeff Bridges played the part of boozy country singer Bad Blake in the movie Crazy Heart and we thought, "this man can actually sing". Fast forward to August 2011 and we see the self titled debut CD of Jeff Bridges hitting the airwaves.
First things first - you HAVE to be a lover of slow country music to enjoy this CD. If not, stay clear. With that said, it's safe to say that Jeff released a CD of quality songs. The CD was produced by Jeff's Crazy Heart collaborator, the multiple-Grammy Award-winning songwriter, musician, and producer T Bone Burnett. The two has known each other for over 30 years. The two met in 1980 when Kris Kristofferson introduced them during filming of the movie Heaven's Gate.
Recorded in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, New York, Jeff Bridges features material by a host of world-class songwriters, including Burnett's 'Crazy Heart' collaborators the late Stephen Bruton ('What A Little Bit of Love Can Do', 'Nothing Yet') and John Goodwin ('Maybe I Missed The Point', 'Everything But Love', 'The Quest'), Greg Brown ('Blue Car'), and Bo Ramsay ('Either Way').
The album also features several of Jeff's own compositions, including 'Falling Short', 'Tumbling Vine', 'I Will Wait' (which he wrote with Burnett and John Goodwin), and 'Slow Boat' (which he wrote with Burnett and Thomas Cobb). Falling Short and Tumbling Vine are some of the most haunting songs you'll ever hear.
And if you think that music is just "another project" for the seasoned actor, you're so wrong. He told Opposing Views, "I've been a musician since age 12. It’s always been with me. Ever since I can remember, it’s been a great buddy." And it’s a lot like acting, he adds. “They’re both about making yourself vulnerable and creating with other folks. They’ve got more in common than uncommon.”