Living Testimony - Judith Sephuma

Judith Sephuma introduced her fans to many of the songs off I Am Living Testimony at a very special show in Johannesburg early in July and received a rapturous response. Now draws closer the release of the multi-platinum seller and award-winner’s fourth studio album, giving fans throughout South Africa an opportunity to experience Sephuma’s most inspiring and unassuming recording yet.
“I Am Living Testimony is nothing less than a reflection of my testimonial and journey thus far and one that will inspire listeners to reflect on their own,” says Sephuma of the 10-track offering released this September through Sony Music Africa. “It’s an inspirational record that takes you on a journey of life, through songs about love in Sepedi and Zulu. I am very proud of it.”
The new CD is also a beautiful gift to Sephuma’s diverse and loyal fanbase that has helped sustain what is one of the most successful and enduring South African music careers of the 21st century.
As Judith puts it “In creating this album, we wanted to give something really good to the fans. They are the ones who motivate me into writing songs and with some of the best producers in the industry crafting each song just right.” The reason for her focus on her fans on her fourth studio album is clear to her: it’s these individuals, spread throughout the country and also beyond South Africa’s borders that have enabled her to become a successful artist, with several awards to her name (South African Music Awards, KORA Awards, and Metro FM Awards). From 2001’s A Cry, A Smile, A Dance (2001) to New Beginnings (2005), and Change Is Here (2008), Sephuma has enjoyed a successful and sustained music career, turning her into one of South Africa’s most admired solo female artists.
“I have travelled far and wide performing for audiences around the world, always returning back home to my roots and to the fans who have supported my career from the very first CD sale to hundreds of thousands of music downloads, and multiple platinum album sales later,” Sephuma says. “This is therefore a thank you to each and every one of them.”
Driven by her personal reflection and a deep conversation with her fans, I Am Living Testimony has love, in all its different manifestations, flowing through each and every song, giving the record a simplicity that has a powerful and lasting impact. Whether it’s the heartache that is clear in ‘Write Me A Letter’ (“Write me a letter/ Before you walk away/Under my pillow/Tell me anything you need me to know”), the elegant love song ‘You Are The Reason’, or the album’s title track which is a moving demonstration of Sephuma’s faith in God, the new CD provides solace for the soul.
As the singer herself puts it, “In the lyrical content and the arrangement of the music, I have strived to make sure that each song comes to the listener in a simple way. It’s been an amazing way to approach an album and I believe that we’ve managed to do that with each and every song here. I hope my fans will experience the music in the simple, heartfelt way I felt in making I Am Living Testimony.”
* Michael Bolton has requested that Judith Sephuma do a guest appearance / performance with him at Carnival City on 8 and 9 August on the song ‘Over The Rainbow’ which she recorded for inclusion on his album GEMS. And Judith Sephuma will be in cape Town end September to launch the album at West End (dates: 24 & 25 Sep 2011).