Adele's new CD not in the works for now

We're still Rolling In The Deep with Adele's superb CD 21, and although we hoped for the super star to release a new CD soon(ish), it’s not gonna happen overnight. Her manager, Jonathan Dickins, told Music Week that Adele will release her next CD, "when the time is right." He explained: ""I want to give her a little bit of time off and then hopefully we'll start looking at some stuff in November just to get into looking to make music again rather than any specific reason, dates or when it's coming or anything." He added: "It will come when it's right and she's a great judge of that. I'm a good judge of that and ultimately the label is not a label where we are having to fight numbers and figures and quarterly results. We haven't even had a discussion about album three at this stage. And it will come when it's right. It's as simple as that." Adele's 21 recently passed the 10 million worldwide sales milestone and industry analysts have predicted that over 13 million units will be sold by Christmas.