Local singer's song tonight on Private Practice

Farryl Purkiss
Local singer and songwriter Farryl Purkiss' song Pennies in the Snow, from his CD Fruitbats & Crows, will be featured in tonight’s episode of Private Practice on M-Net. "I've just heard that they're going to use my song Pennies in the Snow, from Fuirtbats & Crows, in the 11th episode of the new season, which should air around 12 September on M-Net. I'm always the last person to find these things out, but I'm humble and appreciate that my music gets that maximum exposure."
Farryl also just finished shooting his new music video Seraphine, in the UK. "It was crazy," he says. "We shot for three days in a 100 different locations. It was like gorilla style filming. For instance in the underground, where you're not suppose to film. When we didn't see any officials around, out comes the camera and this huge light and we'll shoot. It was great fun." Durban born Farryl (born Farryl David Purkiss on 20 March 1980) has just re-released his CD Fruitbats & Crows (out on Sheer Sound), which now sports an extra disc. "Most of the songs on the extra disc are those that fans had a hard time finding. Like the cover I did of the Bob Dylan song Positively 4th Street. The song was actually commissioned for a car advert in the UK, but Bob had to sign off the final version, and that piece of paper with his signature on is probably one of my career highlights. Another interesting track on there is my take on the 80s electro-pop group New Order's mega hit Blue Monday."
He adds that he can never label his music. "It's hard to describe my own music. I always tell people it's honest and evolving music." He then stays quiet for a minute before starts laughing, "with that said, I can never listen to my first ever CD released. It makes my skin crawl! Then I vowed I'll never use electric guitars, and now I just bought one to use on my new CD, which should be released beginning of 2012".