Former Idols contestant releases debut CD

Sindi Nene in Idols SA 2010
The long wait is over! The former Idols contestant Sindi Nene has finally announced that her long-awaited debut CD, will be released on Friday 14 October. In a press release, Nene, who caught the nation's attention with a series of breathtaking performances on Idols last year, said "Finally the day I have been working, preparing and looking forward to has arrived. The release of my first ever album which I have named Infinite is here. This is the beginning of a new chapter, new story line, and new phase for my musical journey. I'm grateful," she said. Recorded as part of a 5-album recording deal with Universal Music, the album fuses jazz and pop. "In the songs I'm telling my own life story and experiences. The name of my album is the perfect description of me. The music is fun, young and also mature, it’s a must have," she added. The album features 14 tracks.