Justin Bieber the rapper

Justin Bieber live in concert (Universal)
The 17-year-old singer Justin Bieber is going to rap on his new Christmas album, Under The Mistletoe, which will be released in November. Billboard reports the teen will rap alongside Busta Rhymes on one of the album's tracks titled Drummer Boy. Justin will also try his hand at country-styled singing by collaborating with Mississippi trio The Band Perry. He said: "They've been really successful and great in the country world, so I wanted to get them on my Christmas album and cross some barriers and try to get some different audience members to listen to my music. I guess I can be pretty versatile - being able to do country music and put out a record of me rapping on the internet. I just think that with the internet, not a lot of artists can be taken seriously if they try to change lanes and so I made it kind of apparent at first that I love to do everything and people kind of take me seriously when I switch over, so I'm really lucky to be able to have that." The 'Baby' performer has also recorded a track titled 'Christmas Eve', which was co-written and co-produced by Chris Brown. Justin added that 'Christmas Eve' will be one of the tracks that "all the ladies will like".