CD REVIEW! Metallica + Lou Reed = Lulu

CD cover of Lulu
Most music collaborations work out just great - like Aerosmith and Run DMC, Linkin' Park and Jay-Z, Coldplay and Rihanna, but unfortunately the collaboration CD Lulu between metal giants Metallica and legendary singer and former member of Velvet Underground Lou Reed is a bit downer. Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammet described their collaboration with Lou Reed to record the CD Lulu, as "definitely not a Metallica album or a Lou Reed album it’s something else. It's a new animal, a hybrid". Seriously? Lou Reed has claimed that Metallica fans are "threatening to shoot me" because they're unhappy about their collaboration album 'Lulu'. In an interview with USA Today, the veteran rocker said that fans of the metal giants were wishing "torture and death" upon him – even though they might not have heard the CD. Sadly, the blend of downhill sprinting riffs and machinegun drums are terribly at odds with Reed's calmly maniacal vocals. Ironically, the album's most listenable track is also its longest. The nineteen minutes of "Junior Dad" does drag a bit, and features the most understated use of Metallica's backing on the effort, but the clam string-laced track is about as close as you get to 'normal' here. For the most part, Lulu is barely listenable.