NEW CD! David van Vuuren - Free The Animals

From the thundering opener “You will leave a mark “, with its powerhouse drumming, driving bass line and slashing guitars, it’s clear that Idols Season 7 winner David van Vuuren is no simple pop idol. If anything he is an edgy, intensely passionate and unique singer who is equally at home with muscular alternative rock songs and gentle introspective folk tunes. His debut album “Free The Animals” , released by Universal Music on Friday November 25th ,is the result of a 5 week, non stop stint in Good Noise Studios, working with the SAMA Award winning pair of producer Brian `O Shea and engineer/programmer Crighton Goodwill as well as executive producer Benjy Mudie (the team behind the success of Elvis Blue and The SoapGirls) . In addition to his current smash single “Hall of Mirrors” , the album includes potential hit singles in the quirky, strings-driven “Utopia (find me)” , the infectiously swinging “Lovers fight `til the end” , the atmospheric “Killing the innocence” as well as the anthemic “ Amazing” ( which promises to be the `Lighthouse` of 2012). The album is boosted by the inclusion of a brace of original songs including “Troublesome mind”, “If we don’t fear” and a stunning updated rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia”. David and his band, `Free The Animals` will do a national tour in February/March 2012.


  1. You realize You Will Leave a Mark was originally written and recorded by A Silent Film from Oxford England.


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