CD REVIEW! Daughtry - Break the Spell

If anything, Daughtry's third studio album, Break the Spell, is a solid, enjoyable, commercial rock album that will definitely sit well with most of their fan base. However following the same formula as previous albums and not deviating from their previous releases tend to make some of the tracks sound very much alike and stale. There are tracks that stand out, like Renegade, the first track on BTS. Chris Daughtry's amazing voice and the emotional lyrics is captivating at times and the song has a wonderful energy and crispness that makes it difficult not to pay attention. Most of the other songs will probably get your head bopping to the beat a few times but we have to admit, some of them are pretty average-sounding to the point of being beige-bland. Nevertheless, a courageous attempt that will be welcomed by radio-dj’s everywhere! (By Juanita Daniels)