Pink Floyd to reunite for London Olympics

David Gilmour
Hells bells! Classic rock act Pink Floyd are reportedly reuniting to play the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics. An "insider" told London's Daily Express that "It's long been made clear it would take something very special to get Pink Floyd back together again and it doesn't get any bigger than the Olympics. 'Like Sir Paul, they have been a major part of the nation's culture over the past 40 years and it will be very fitting that they're involved when London is on show to the world. It's hoped everything can be confirmed in the coming weeks." Paul McCartney is rumoured to be playing the event's opening ceremony. Roger Waters left the group in 1985 after twenty years together and, even though the band carried on, fans still consider the classic line-up the "real" Floyd. They returned to the stage in 2005 for Live 8 but have not played together as a unit since. The surviving members are Roger, David Gilmour and Nick Mason. The group is best known for their mega hit movie/soundtrack The Wall.