Van Coke Kartel get their drag on...

Local rockers Van Coke Kartel have released a somewhat different, but highly entertaining music video for their second single, Dis ‘n Land, from their new CD, Wie's Bang.  The chorus of the song is a play on Carike Keuzenkamp’s hit with the same title.  The music video sees the guys dressed up as "tannies" who then come undone in true Van Coke Kartel-style. The video was viewed 6700 times in the first 24 hours of its release! The Beat asked the band's Wynand Myburgh to tell us more about this great video.

Van Coke Kartel in drag
How did you guys came up with the concept of the video? The final product was not the original idea, but due to budget constraints we had to come up with something fresh. The original idea features a one-eyed king, a rich guy, a murderer and many other characters. In the end, we went for the 'drag' version. We decided just to do a video where we performed the song, but all dressed in women's clothes! As viewers will see, at the beginning we're all decent 'tannies' just playing music, but as the video progress, things gets wild and we transform into our old Kartel style, still in women's clothes, and the video ends in real grunge style where we destroy our equipment! It was great fun.
How did it feel to dress in drag for the video?
It was so amusing and funny to see the band members transform into these 'tannies'. The only down side was the make-up and getting dressed, as it took long. Also, walking around and performing songs in high heeled shoes on a 17-hour shoot was a killer! I have to say that wearing women's clothes for a day is also not fun, as it's warm and stockings were itchy. But in the end of the day, it's all about the entertainment value, and looking at the hits the video had on Internet, we have made a successful video for fans!
* Go watch the video HERE!