GoodLuck is bubbly

Electro dance jazzy outfit GoodLuck has teamed up with local bubbly maker J.C. Le Roux for a great promotion to get hold of their new single, Le Good Life.
The Cape Town duo Juliet Harding and Ben Peters have been captivating crowds around the world with their distinctive sounds. The duo’s new single has been produced in collaboration with J.C. Le Roux and is a swinging celebration of joy, leisure and luxury; in a short, all the things that makes life good. J.C. Le Roux is giving fans the chance to get this exclusive, as yet, unreleased singe my SMSing the unique code printed on J.C. Le Roux neck tags in participating stores or linking J.C. Le Roux’s Le Good Life page of Facebook. Selected bottles will also have a stylish limited edition flash drive attached, containing a link to the download page. Let The Good Life begin!