Beckham boys in a 'band'

Ex Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has revealed that her sons have formed their own band together, reports Digital Spy. The ex-singer explained that Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz regularly perform songs while in the house and before they go to bed. Brooklyn, 13, is known to be learning the guitar, while Romeo reportedly enjoys playing on drums and ballet fan Cruz has become the group's breakdancer. "As they go to bed the boys break into a chorus of 'Walk Like A Man'. It's their favourite song from the Jersey Boys musical," The Sun quotes Victoria as saying. "Cruz is very good at breakdancing as well. He spins on his head. And he is doing ballet - inspired by the fact that his cousin is very lucky because he gets to lift up girls." She added: "I'd love to say they get the musical stuff from me, but they don't. But they do have good fashion sense. I like to think that they have got that from me."