REVIEW: Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Nicki Minaj, the shape shifter of modern music, explodes with exuberant sounds on her new long anticipated second CD, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The one moment she channels Lady Gaga, the next David Bowie, then again Missy Elliot and lastly jumping on the glam rock sounds of Garry Glitter. And then there's the accent that keeps changing. The hip-hop-shiny-pop album is brash, bold and supersized. It's rap Vs hip-hop Vs disco and teen pop. As Rolling Stone magazine says: “Roman Reloaded veers into radio pop, serving up club anthems, clobbering ballads and, on the Dr. Luke-produced "Young Forever," the most shameless Rihanna-wanna-be song ever recorded, a tune worthy of the ambition”. And be warmed, Nicki Minaj is X-rated. Her song titles include Come On A Cone, Sex In The Lounge and Whip It, but then being in-your-face is all part of her schtick. In a nutshell, the CD won’t disappoint fans and will most definitely get her a bunch of new followers.