Green Day's Billie performs at Facebook wedding

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day
If Green Day was your favourite band you would probably have the DJ play a few Green Day songs at your wedding but when you are billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, you have the real thing, reports music-news. Well, almost. The Facebook billionaire married his long-term girlfriend Priscilla Chan over  the weekend and 100 of his closest friends attended and word is Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day belted out a few tunes. Billie apparently has been a friend of  Mark for some time and was one of the 100 invited guests at the wedding. His backyard performance at Mark’s house was 'a wedding present to a friend'. It is reported that Billie sang 'Last Night On Earth' from the '21st Century Breakdown' album but prefaced the song saying that it was written for his wife of 18 years. As there are no recording of this intimate performance, check out the brilliant song by Green Day HERE!