Guns N' Roses feud reach new heights

Axl and Slash in the good old days . . .
It seems that the feud between Axl Rose and the rest of the classic Guns N' Roses line up has reached new heights. Music-news reports that during the British Guns N' Roses tour, the group's management has been instructing all security guards to make anyone wearing a t-shirt that includes Slash to remove the shirt or not be allowed in the venue. A source for NME told of a concert goer who was bare-chested under his jacket. When asked why, he said he was told to ditch the Slash t-shirt if he wanted to see the show. A security guard than confirmed the policy to the source, saying "We were told by the management not to allow anyone into the O2 Arena who is wearing a Slash T-shirt and we are asking anyone who is to remove it and if they refuse they will be turned away." Of course, that wasn't the only problem for the concert goers. The band went on over an hour late and many fans had to leave after just a few songs to catch the last trains of the night.