U2 mourns the death of The Edge's mom

U2 guitarist The Edge
Sad news from U2 world. According to the Irish Independent the mother of guitarist the Edge passed away on Monday at the age of 70. The bereaved was joined by bandmate Bono and his wife Ali Hewson at Dylan’s hotel in Dublin Wednesday where it is believed the musician was preparing for his mother’s funeral. Gwenda Evans shared her son’s musical talent as a singer in the  Enchiriadis chamber choir in her adopted town of Malahide. She migrated there with her family from London in the 1960s. The former primary school teacher also happened to be U2’s first roadie and incredible supporter of her son in the band’s early days. In a candid interview with the Fingal Independent in 2008 she was quoted as saying: “I was his first roadie! No, I’m laughing. I had an old Beetle and we¹d be able to get the equipment in it. He wasn’t driving at that stage, so we used to go and pick him up and usually drop him off and then listen for a few and then go off and do something and then come back. So, right from the start I enjoyed their music and what they were doing, right from the beginning. I still do.” She is survived by her husband Garvin, and children Dave (the Edge), Jill, and Richard and grandchildren.