Green Day records tribute to Amy Winehouse

Green Day (Credit: Warner Music)
One of the song's on rockers Green Day's album trilogy is a tribute to late singer, Amy Winehouse. NME reports that the group's song about the late singer will feature on the second of their three-album series, ¡Dos!, which they revealed deals with "the consequences of the party". Billie Joe Armstrong explained: "I didn't know her, I just thought it was a real tragic loss. It's interesting because if you think about ¡Dos!, it's a party record and so at the end of it maybe 'Amy' kind of comes across as the consequences of the party." Discussing Amy's legacy, he continued: ''I just thought her music and her taste in music was so connected to old soul music and the original Motown and Otis Redding and Sam Cooke and things like that. I think that was a major loss because that was a generation's connection to that, and this was someone who should be here now and I just felt really sad." Green Day recently debuted the first single from their album trilogy 'Oh Love' - listen to the track.