Arno Carstens reveals Atari Gala (Warning Cry)

Local rocker Arno Carstens has revealed the new title & album cover of his forthcoming album – Atari Gala (Warning Cry). The CD will be available nationwide from Monday 10 September.  The album art was designed by the internationally acclaimed & award winning executive creative director Rob McLennan (Network BBDO). The title Atari Gala is a Japanese translation that implies a warning cry or celebration. “I painted the Japanese word “Atari” on a recent artwork to mimic a bird singing a message of warning. That got me thinking that it could be a great name for a piece of music. Because this is my 10th studio album, I wanted to emphasize a kind of celebration, not only of the 12 tracks on this particular album, but of the whole creative process that has brought me thus far. Every song is an event or a tale, a celebration or a warning cry, that stems from life’s experiences” says Arno Carstens. Check out the video for his single Two Dogs, HERE!