The Darkness: Lady Gaga is like a mother

Justin Hawkins and Lady Gaga

A few months before Lady Gaga tour South Africa for the first time with rockers The Darkness and rock DJ Lady Starlight, it now emerges that The Darkness think Lada Gaga is a great mutli-tasker and say the singer reminds them of their mothers. Music-news reports that the British rockers have revealed she is great to work with and admit she reminds them of their mothers as she is the "life and soul of any party." Front man Justin Hawkins - whose brother Dan is also in the band said: "She has a similar energy to a Russian lady called Agatha who makes my stage clothes. But she's also got something that really reminds me of our mother. Some of her energy. You know what I mean?" Dan added: "And our mother is the life and soul of any party. She just has that same kind of energy, dancing around." The group - who have released their first album 'Hot Cakes' since they reformed in 2011 - have already performed in Bulgaria and Romania with the pop star and bassist Frankie Poullain admits she is great at multi-tasking. He told The Times newspaper: "It's funny; she reminds me of my mum as well. I wanna qualify that in the sense of the multi-tasking mentality, Gaga just goes from one subject to the next. "She's very forthright and very fast. That's like my mum, who's quite hyper - and amazingly on the money."