Depeche Mode announces new tour for 2013, but...

Depeche Mode
As readers know by now, we just LOVE electro pop/rock band, Depeche Mode. And we were so stoked to watch the live press conference from Paris on the official site, but we were SHOCKED at the amount of useless, most boring and clueless questions from the European press. Seriously? What shoes will you wear on the next tour? Did you get my DVD I posted to you? Why do you love Spain? WTF!!! What happened to true music journalists? Questions that SHOULD have been asked:
1. Will photographer and visual artist Anton Corbijn be involved with the stage design again? He has been working with the band for years on and off stage.
2. Any idea of title of the album yet? Or ideas you are playing around with?
3. How will it differ from the previous records and still have the DM essence?
4. Has Alan Wilder (who left the group years ago), be involved with the new music after his played with you in London on the last tour?
5. Any official single ready and when will it be released?
What we did gather from the press con, thanks to Martin Gore (main songwriter for Depeche Mode) is that the new CD will be a "hybrid between Violator and Songs Of Faith & Devotion", and that was something he mentioned as no one was asking about it! The snippet of the new music they played sounded dark, broody, with up-beat moments. Also, no word if they will tour South Africa.... At least we still LOVE Depeche Mode!