CD REVIEW! AC/DC - Live At River Plate

It‘s time to lock your parents and granny in the closet and turn this CD up to FULL VOLUME! Legendary boogie and blues rockers, AC/DC return with the third live album of the band’s storied career. “Live at River Plate” follows up on the 1978’s “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” and 1992’s “Live”. The set list was recorded over three sold-out nights in Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 2009 for nearly 200,000 fans. The band originally released “Live at River Plate” in May 2011 as a DVD/Blu Ray. This represents the audio version. The two-disc set contains all 19 tracks from the DVD version. Still fans have nothing to complain about with this set list. Both eras of AC/DC are brilliantly covered in that classic romp and roll garage band magnificence that made them rock and roll icons. One would never guess that these guys are all weathered and worn grandfathers of the old school, for they take the stage with as much energy and passion as they did 40 years ago. This is a must have set for all AC/DC and classic rock fans. Awesome!