CD REVIEW! Green Day - ¡Tré!

The third and final chapter of punk rocker's Green Day's 2012 trilogy CD outing could be best described as the 'hangover'CD.  The first CD, iUNO! begun the tale of a maaried man with mid life crisis and iDOS! told us about his self-indulgement, self-destructive wild party ways (sex, drugs and alcohol), so it's fitting to say ¡Tré! is the hangover CD. Although the band described ¡Tré! as a 'mixed bag'of goodies, it's actually the most consistent of the trilogy. It’s a mixed bag that doesn’t reach the lows of a forced, guest rap appearance, while containing some of the best songs the trilogy has to offer. With some old school country blues sound blended with 90s punk rock, this is a great end Green Day's 2012 CD run. PS - The band decided to make an old-school 'cassette' video for their track X-Kid, which is featured on ¡Tré! Watch it HERE!