Lilly Million - a million dollar lady

Lilly Million
The debut release by 23 year old, Lilly Million is finally here!! It’s been two years in the making, but the album “Lilly Million on… Truth, Love and Freedom” has finally arrived. The singles Frontlines and Better Things gave Lilly the opportunity to dip her feet in the music industry water piquing the interest of audiences and the industry in general, and now the full-length album is out. The bohemian folk singer caught the attention of record exec’s in 2010 at an impromptu performance in Melville. The label, Electromode, were intrigued by Lilly’s off-the-wall presence and unique voice. There was certainly no other young black female in this country performing folk music, and if so, certainly not with this level of passion, distinctive vocal delivery and lyrical poetry! After a year-long development deal, hours working on new material with several established producers, a deal was signed in 2011. Within a few months of the first single being on air, Lilly Million has already performed at both the White Mountain Folk and Oppikoppi festivals in 2012, and has been working the live circuit in Gauteng with her 4 piece band. The album is a fusion of her love of organic folk and powerful pop, lyrically questioning  truth, politics, current affairs, freedom and of course, love.