REVIEW! Kylie Minogue - The Abbey Road Sessions

Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue celebrates her 25th year in music with a 16-track stripped down and reworked CD of her best known work. Ok ok, I hear you gasping for air when I said "stripped down reworked", but yes, the lovely Kylie pulls it off! The result is The Abbey Road Sessions, recorded at the famed London studio with the backing of her touring band and a full orchestra. So, can Kylie slow it down and still serve up fabulousness? Of course! The toned-down, orchestral feel lends itself so well to a live show that there’s a sense while listening to The Abbey Road Sessions that “seeing” the music could help breathe a bit more life into some of the particularly slow parts. But not to worry, the re-working Kylie did are awesome! Especially the slower sounding All The Lovers and Locomotion were my favourites.