REVIEW! Red Hot Chili Peppers in Cape Town

Crazy. Insane. Spectacular. Madness. Wow! 5 Words that I can think of to describe the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s concert on Tuesday 5 February 2013 at Cape Town Stadium, South Africa. It was their first ever tour of the country and last leg of their 2 shows in South Africa. Capetonians showed up in mass to support the Chili’s and the 55 000+ strong crowd weren’t disappointed. But let’s start from the top. Supporting act came in the format of zef-rappers Die Antwoord. For those who have never seen these guys live before – shame on you! They Rock with a BEAT. They might come across as disturbing, yes, but they give ‘normal’ people an inside look at what happens in the wrong side of town. From their razor sharp swearing to their amazing ghetto art images (explicit male and female genitalia wrapped up in obscure images – I like to call it white trailer-trash art-nuvo) that flashed on the big screens and the thumping hypnotic beats –  they had the crowd in their sweaty grip.
Die Antwoord's Wat Pomp Julle
Things got really crazy when Beastie Boys member Mike D joined Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er with Red Hot Chili’s bassist Flea to do an awesome version of the Beastie’s So What’cha Want. I overheard afterwards a colleague of mine in the office saying that the “part where Yo-Landi ripped the heart out of a dove, was quite upsetting”. It wasn’t a dove you nincompoop! It was her own heart she ripped out of her chest for their music video I Fink U Freeky. They ended their set with the appearance of Casper The Friendly ghost, who apparently was very friendly as he was holding his dick in his hands. 
Red Hot Chili time in Cape Town
Next up it was the Chili’s. Freaking awesome! They played a mixed bag of old and new hits and even going back to songs they recorded 30 years ago. Amen! Flea did most of the chatting to the audience with lead singer Anthony Kiedis sweeping up the crowd into a frenzy with their hits By The Way, Monarchy Roses, Under The Bridge, Californication, and Give It Away. The stage lay-out was simple, yet effective. The backdrop saw various images and video clips for certain songs while two huge screens flagged the stage on both sides. I think the band was quite surprised by the strong following they have in South Africa – especially seeing Anthony’s surprise look on his face when the audience sang every word for each song at the top of their voices. It was an insane hot rocking concert that kicked off the music year to a great start. Watch a video clip of the show, HERE! Next up is Metallica in April. Hope to see you there! (PS – To the drunk dimwit with the hat and fake sunglasses and Satan shaped face and beard – I saw your grab you girlfriend by the throat as the audience left the stadium. Shame on you! Sies man! Hope she kicks your ass back to wherever scruffy little place you came from…)